Monday, May 07, 2012

Wknd Pics

I'm no longer allowed to go to Costco by myself, after this past trip. But boy did I go out with a bang!! Man, I love Costco.
It's especially funny to see Babe holding Buddy and both of them making this same face.
I find it pretty astounding that my Buddy can get up this thing now. I am working through my hatred/fear of playgrounds by frequenting the one by my house. There's never anyone there so I don't have to deal with other people's children.
Cindilisima had a wee BBQ on Saturday and so I made this super pretty fruit salad! Is that fresh mint from my garden? You betcha!
She has finally killed me. With her cuteness.
I write this posthumously.
From the great beyond.
We'll be talking about bikes later this week. For now, here. Look at my new all time favorite past time.
Another Mike on a bike! Ha!


Ma said...

Really enjoyed the pictures.
Sasha looks so comfy on the bike seat.
Bet she loves it.

Randi said...

Great photos, dude. Brad and Casey make the same face all the time and it scares me.

Christine said...

The cuteness killed me as well. She reminded me of the Pink Ladies in Grease :)
Love the bikes!

Hung said...

Sashy is so hardcore. Soon she'll get in the baby mosh (ball) pit and earn a few rips in the tutu....

Max said...

killed me too! Oh how I miss this one.