Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I love my little rental house in West LA. It's cheap and funky and old skool. Sure, it has a lot of problems. You know, like it's made of paper and the floor creaks like crazy when you walk on it, and there is no dishwasher, but overall, I love it. And I'm glad we live there.

One of the things I like the best is my wee little side garden. When we moved in the owner said we could do whatever we want with the yard, particularly that patch which was just mostly soil. So! Here's what we did.

From bottom to top, you can see one of the three bougainvilleas that my pops planted. Then, you can see one of the three tomato plants that just came with the house. I don't do anything to them, they just make tomatoes and I eat them! Then, that big green bush in the middle is my Hydrangea plant that also came with the house. Then another bougainvillea. Then, you can't see but there is a agave plant that GUS's parents gave us and I planted. THEN there is mint plant that one of my pals gave me and I planted. THEN there are more tomatoes. THEN there is a basil plant that I planted. Then another bougainvillea. Then the onions and garlic that my dad planted.


1 comment: said...

i totally have the gardening bug now. we went to home depot and bought all these plants and i'm obsessed :)