Thursday, May 31, 2012

Date night!!

Courtesy of Auntie, last Friday night me and Babe went on Date Night!

We decided to take in the Avengers, which you can read more about here on BFF's blog. The movie was great! I love Robert D. Jr. as Iron Man. He had the best and funniest lines. I also have the biggest girl crush on Scarjo and if she was my screen saver I would not be ashamed. The hulk was funny and Captain America was super dreamy. Also, the bad guy was a hottie and makes me want to see Thor. Really? Yes, really. I was so proud of Joss Whedon!! There's a funny secret ending at the end that you should stay for, even though it means you have to endure the ENTIRE song by Soundgarden. Apologies in advance. But you will laugh. The movie coulda been 30 minutes shorter, but I guess that's old news now since apparently every movie from now on and for the last ten years is going to be 2 hours and 20 minutes long so I should just get used to it.

The best part, though, was that we went and saw it at the Arclight theater. And that is a theater that you can choose your seats, so you don't have to rush and be all worried that you aren't going to get a set. Instead, you can go sit at the bar in the theater and have a glass of wine!! Yeah. Dig.

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Randi said...

We didn't stay til the end because we had to get that dang kid from Maria's.