Monday, April 02, 2012

Weekend Pics!

Well, guys. Buddy got a lot better this weekend. Antibiotics are really an amazing invention. Here she is on Saturday, eating a cookie the size of her face.

Feeling almost 100% here! On the way to the LBC to enjoy ridiculously good food at this amazing restaurant in Long Beach.

Buddy likes to take pictures of me and her.

Anytime Buddy doesn't feel good, I buy her a toy. So, I got her this Elmo last week at Rite Aid. He's a total creep. His eyes are all buggy and his mouth is super big. He also talks which is weird. But, I thought this picture of him lying on the grass in the backyard was the bees knees. Buddy thought it was really funny, too.

Buddy loooooves her cousin Ori. She says his name over and over again. This morning she looked over at the guest room and starting singing Ori! Ori! Ori! Ori! Ori! right away.

1 comment:

Ma said...

What cute pictures, Cod.
Thanks for sharing them.
Glad Buddy is better.
Ori should be feeling better soon too if not already.
Love, Ma