Tuesday, April 03, 2012


  1. Well! What's been going on lately? Buddy doesn't have a fever anymore! It was up to 103.5, by the way. She has one more day of antibiotics, so I look forward to that being over. Probably not as much as she does though! What a champ.
  2. This past weekend was lovely and chill. We mostly took care of Buddy. I told you about a lot of it in the weekend pictures, but we did see our dear friends in LBC with their two babies. And my sister came up with one of her babies. We drank some wine. We laughed. We talked. 
  3. I have started raising money for my boob walk! Hip hip hooray! I will put a link up at some point, but so far I have raised $275

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Randi said...

I'm going to my ma's tonight to show her how to donate to you!