Tuesday, April 10, 2012


  1. I tell you what. Things are going real well, guys. Real well indeed. I’m feeling pretty good about stuff on this mighty nice Tuesday, April 10th.
  2. I spent a good part of this morning believing that it was actually Thursday and that I was completely out of time to get ready for our big event this weekend at work, but no. I have at least two extra days again!
  3. This past weekend was super nice. Me and Babe and her majesty, queen of the buddies, decided to go to Oxnard to visit BFF and her familials for a Friday night visit. We popped in the Subaru after dinner and bath and drove one hour up the one. Shoulda been enough time for Buddy to fall asleep, but she sang to us all the way on our romantic drive up the coast. We hung out in BFF’s backyard and had a nice fire and some brewskis and laughed and laughed.
  4. We also played Just Dance 3. Enough said.
  5. Saturday, we rolled back and took care of business because Easter Feaster was the next day! We took a four mile walk around Culver City to get supplies for the next day.
  6. And then on Sunday, my sibling and her three wee ones came over, and our pals the Lenscrafters, with their two wee ones came over and we ate ham and cheesy potatoes and veggies and drank beer.

The end.

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Babe said...

Dang, our 16 year anniversary on Sunday didn't make the list?!