Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Misc. Media Wednesday

I skipped numbers this week because I worked all weekend and that's not fun to quantify.

Instead, I thought I would bring you Misc. Media Wednesday.

  • I am currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and loaned to me by the LBC crew. It's one of their favorite books. I can see why. It's a sort of fable type of story about a shepherd who is learning to follow his dreams. Who doesn't need a little bit of that in their day to day?
  • Last night was the season (series?) finale of the CW show Ringer starring my television soul mate, Buffy Summers (AKA Sarah Michelle Gellar). This twisty, turny soap opera action adventure show was about twins (Buffy 1 and Buffy 2) who "shared the same face." (Did this bird just shit on my face?) You can clearly see why I leave the reviews of any kind to BFF, by the way. It was good, me and Babe liked it. I doubt it will get a second season, but if it does, I'm sure I'll watch it again.
  • Holy moley, guys! Me and Babe saw the Hunger Games (thanks to the extreme kindness and generosity of my sister who watched the BF sleep so we could exit the house on a school night). When I read the books, I was seriously blown away by the concept and the futuristic vision of the world that seemed to me highly plausible. I devoured them and am looking forward to reading them again. The movie did not disappoint.  I only wish it was longer and I never say that about movies. It was SO GOOD. (I link to BFF's review, to reference my above point about how she is really good at movie reviews. When I re-read her review, though, it's not as much about how good the movie is and more about other random stuff. But you'll get the gist. Her other movie reviews are more thorough. Trust me.)

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