Thursday, April 12, 2012

Misc. Items

  • Big event at work this weekend. Did I ever tell you my tail of woe about the whole Eddie Vedder thing? Basically, I had stupidly but also maybe on purpose signed up for the fan club lottery to see the Eddie Vedder solo show on April 13th, Friday. And basically, you pay in advance and if you win, WOOHOO, and your card is charged and you go the show. No cancellations, no transfers, no refunds. Well, I won! WOOHOOO. Except that it was the one weekend my boss asked me to work – even before I got the job he asked me! Anyways, I deliberated for AGES about this, and finally decided, fudge it, I’m going to ask him if I can go. And he said, sure! No problem. By the way, did I tell you it is in Phoenix, Arizona? Well anyways, I got the afternoon off, secured buddy care (thanks ang!), bought plane tickets, reserved a hotel room, and then he cancelled the tour. Because his arm is broken or something like that. So, instead of losing the money on the tickets (which I still have for whenever they decide to do this again), I lost the money on the airfare. $289. I mean, sure, I can pay the change fee to use the tickets some other time but that change fee is $150 per ticket, plus an orbitz fee of $30 per ticket. Moral of that story? I don’t know. But definitely don’t use orbitz to book your ticket.
  • Wow. That was my first misc. item bullet? What else is there to say? I think I’m spent.

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