Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy birthday, Grama!

Today is my Grama's birthday! (Known to some in the family as Great Grama and a couple others as "ma"). She sure is a nice person. Funny, strong and completely unafraid to speak her mind, my Grama has been a powerful and strong influence in my life since I was born.
Although we have always lived far apart, I used to see my Grama at least once a year and in recent years, more like two or even three times a year. She's 96 years young today and I wish I was hanging out with her today! 


Randi said...

Yay! Happy birthday, Grama!

Ma said...

Thanks for the nice tribute to your grandma and Sasha`s great grandma
She still refers to you as "Coddie".
Love, Ma