Monday, March 05, 2012

Weekend pictures

This weekend, I spent 30 hours in the Bay Area. Which meant I had to leave my buddy for a bit. I didn't like that too much. Neither did she! But she had a good time with her papa. This is her in her Spring Outfit.

Here's Scooter, when we had lunch at the Taqueria down the street from Gus's house.
This is my Sunday morning breakfast. Called The Sandhya! No kidding!
Me and Gustav on Sunday morning!
Nice picture of a random mission bodega.
Bloody Mary at Zeitgeist Sunday morning.
Twin trying to apply a tattoo that was 20 years old.
Trading cards, like close encounters of the third kind, wrestlemania, Bill & Teds...
Me, in San Francisco.
Twin Sandwich take 1.
Twin Sandwich take 2.
Candy from the early 90s for the plane ride home. 

Such random pictures, I know! And what happened to Saturday night, you might ask yourself. If you do in fact ask that, you wouldn't be the only one!
More details tomorrow on Numbers - 30 hours in San Francisco edition.


Randi said...

Looks like a blast!

Ma said...

Would that be low fat yogurt on that "Sandhya"?
Love, Ma

Unknown said...

SOOOO much fun. I know exactly what happened on Saturday night. By the by...