Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Numbers - one day late

  1. Sorry guys. I'm one day late because my buddy was/is sickie. I had to work from home yesterday. Working from home with a toddler means that you are frantically trying to get things done while every other minute holding your buddy. Until they nap and then you work with a fury until they wake up. I sent a lot of emails and ran a couple of reports with Buddy on my lap yesterday. "Up?"
  2. $400 million for Mega Millions. I just organized an office pool. Hey, you never know!
  3. This past weekend was terrific. Oldest pal (not in years of age but in how long we've know each other - since we were 5) Gabs came up and we went out on the town! The town being Culver City and the out being a cute bar called Alibi Room with unbelievable food.
  4. Then, I took Babe to the airport so he could head up for the Rancid 20th Anniversary show and some partying with the homies. 
  5. Ang came up and spent the weekend with me and the Buddy! Boy did we have a good time. You saw the pictures - we cruised around Venice Beach and the Canals and walked for miles and miles. Like seven or eight to be exact.
  6. Then on Sunday I volunteered to read scholarships for the UC Berkeley Achievement Award. I went downtown (took fifteen minutes to drive their on a Sunday morning) and read a bunch of scholarship applications and ranked them. Met some other alums and really had a good time!

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