Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Numbers: 30 hours in San Francisco

  1. This past weekend, I took a solo trip to the Bay to check out my peeps and see how Gustav was getting along. I ended up spending about 30 hours in the Bay.
  2. I took the one hour flight from LAX at 10:30 or so Saturday morning and arrived at GUS's house around 12:30, thanks to Scooter who swooped me up from the airport on his way into town.
  3. We grabbed some lunch around the corner from her spot at La Taqueria on Mission and 24th. She and I split a chicken burrito and a carne asada taco. The taco made me weep.
  4. We then meandered to Rosamunde to sit outdoors and have a couple of beers.  
  5. At that point, one of my other all time favorite people, Jojina showed up and then we split to GUS's to get ready. I hadn't kicked it with Jojo in years. She came to NYC once a couple years back.
  6. We went over to Oi's house near pacbell and shot the shit for awhile. A couple of other dear, dear friends showed up and so we got to hang out with them and their little buddy.
  7. Then out! First to Laszlo Bar, (watch that link, the music is loud!), for just one, then out to dinner at Nombe, where we ate everything on the menu. Did we order chicken hearts? Yes. Did we eat pork belly? Yes. Was there beef cheeks involved? Indeed. Were there japanese craft beers on tap? Indeed there were. Another couple of pals showed up for that.
  8. And then it was time to go out. Hahahahahahahaha. We hit up a number of places which I think will remain locked in the vault for now. We may or may not have ended the night with bacon wrapped hot dogs. $3 each. 
Dude! I'll have to tell you about the next day next time! I got to get some work done today!!

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Vincent said...

Did you say bacon wrapped hot dogs??? That is the most amazing thing I've heard all day.