Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Numbers, one day late!

Sorry folks! These three jobs be running me ragged!

Let's see, this past weekend was super nice and very chill. Saturday Babe took Buddy to her last swim class! I did valentines while they were gone. I only did family this year, which still meant like ten or twelve cards. I used one od buddy's art projecta and cut it into cards. Yah.

We did a bunch of errands on Sat, too, which is funner than it sounds. Heh! The three of us running around town in the subaru.

Saturday eve, Sun and the children came over. We had such a nice day Sunday! We went to the park, walked to lunch and played played played. I love living here. The four kids get along great.

We were helping Nav learn to do a cartwheel on Sunday. I did two. Like riding a bike kids.

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