Thursday, February 16, 2012

Misc. Items

Now that I blog from my phone, I dont really get to use much formatting, FYI.
My old job just won a million dollar MacArthur genius award. One of fifteen organizations in six countries. I am so very proud! Makes me miss it even more and wonder if I should have stayed.
Mornings have really taken on a whole new shape for me now that Buddy gets up earlier and we leave the house at 750 or so. This morning, I had so much extra time I swept the floor, took down the airbed, did the morning dishes and took out the trash. Far cry from mornings of old.

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Randi said...

Girl, I feel you. This morning I was up early enough to fold a load of wash, start another, strip and make the bed and empty the dishwasher. This is all in addition to getting ready for the day. Good lord.