Tuesday, February 28, 2012


  1. It has been a busy, busy time, ya'all! This past weekend we took the two hour drive down to San Diego and back again. It was terrific. Went to lunch with my familials, made a nice dinner, played with the niece and nephews, buddy got to see her aunties and Grama and Grampa. Muy bien.
  2. Sunday we bought a fridge! Ha! We're just like home owners, without a mortgage. BFF was kind enough to give us a fridge that took us through the first 8 months of living here, but the freezer part just sorta stopped working. So, we got a new one that will be delivered on Friday. 
  3. I start working at UCLA full time in two weeks, so I've been sort of slacking on job number two in favor of getting stuff done that I won't be able to do once I'm in an office every day. Like going to Costco on a Monday afternoon instead of on the weekend like everyone else. It's been great, but I can't bill for that time so that's not super awesome. I think it's worth it though.
  4. I will be relieved to be down to one job. This has been a whole lot of hustle. It's been a terrific experience, and I still have plenty of work to do on job number two, but it is going to be put on hold until August when I am done with UCLA. I will still have a meeting every two months with USC to keep on their radar screen, so I'll be doing a little bit of work for those, but not very much.
  5. It was forty degrees last night! Brrrr. But it's nice again today, probably nearing seventy

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy birthday, MIL!

Happy birthday, MIL! I hope your day is great!! I don't have any super recent pics of you, but here's one of buddy where she is almost certainly thinking about your birthday.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Haiku Friday

Thinking about you.
New York City. How are you?
Dear friends of mine there.

Furmaners, of course.
Nancy, Dave and Kim, Nina.
All my mommie pals.

It's very nice here.
That doesn't mean I miss you
any less. Really.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I try to walk around outside every day for at least twenty minutes because OMG this is where I work.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good, bad, ugly


One of my three jobs is complete! I only have two jobs now. How about that?


With two jobs and a baby it's still pretty hectic around here. And who knows why but all of Babe's clients have to meet at 8am in Orange County. That means he leaves the house I dont even know when.

My attitude if I have to stand here waiting much longer at this fedex kinkos.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


  • A three day weekend! My first paid holiday since August 2011. It sure was nice to get paid to stay home. The life of a consultant has a lot of terrific perks but paid holiday is not one of them. 
  • We had one pal visit from Brooklyn this Saturday. She just landed a job out here in Southern California so score another one for my coast.
  • Then, on Saturday, we drove out to Hemet to celebrate the in-laws beedays. We surprised them with a neat grill and four pounds of tri tip. Ha! Which took me seven hours and 150 ingredients to make. Just kidding about the seven hours. 
  • Sunday, we went to the Kenneth Hahn recreation park in the morning and walked all over the place. It was lovely, little streams and waterfalls and duck ponds and what have you. It would be a great place to have a birthday party - maybe buddy's number two?
  • Then, my sister Ang came over and we all went walking by the beach for a couple of hours.
  • After that, Babe and I got to go on a wee date! We went to this cute little beachie mexican spot just a bit down the road (see how I did that right there? Talked about how close I was to the beach just randomly and by chance?) where I had three tiny tacos and two huge glasses of rioja. 
  • Are you tired yet? Cuz I am! What a weekend! Luckily, as I mentioned before, I had my three day weekend, so I had Monday home. Daycare was closed so my sister hung out with me and the buddy and my folks came up for lunch. My dad made delicious aloo gobi and we had a lovely day. I got a mani/pedi, did a bunch of chores and even an hour or two of work. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Haiku Friday

Happy Birthday, FIL!
Here's to a terrific year!
Retired and chill.

This weekend? Hemet.
To celebrate both beedays,
My MIL's and my FIL's.

Also this weekend?
A Brooklyn pal in LA,
And my sister, too!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Misc. Items

Now that I blog from my phone, I dont really get to use much formatting, FYI.
My old job just won a million dollar MacArthur genius award. One of fifteen organizations in six countries. I am so very proud! Makes me miss it even more and wonder if I should have stayed.
Mornings have really taken on a whole new shape for me now that Buddy gets up earlier and we leave the house at 750 or so. This morning, I had so much extra time I swept the floor, took down the airbed, did the morning dishes and took out the trash. Far cry from mornings of old.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Numbers, one day late!

Sorry folks! These three jobs be running me ragged!

Let's see, this past weekend was super nice and very chill. Saturday Babe took Buddy to her last swim class! I did valentines while they were gone. I only did family this year, which still meant like ten or twelve cards. I used one od buddy's art projecta and cut it into cards. Yah.

We did a bunch of errands on Sat, too, which is funner than it sounds. Heh! The three of us running around town in the subaru.

Saturday eve, Sun and the children came over. We had such a nice day Sunday! We went to the park, walked to lunch and played played played. I love living here. The four kids get along great.

We were helping Nav learn to do a cartwheel on Sunday. I did two. Like riding a bike kids.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Pics!

 Sorry this picture is so dark, but I still love it and wanted to share! There's all the kiddos on the couch loving up the O-man.

 Buddy at the park. 

 Buddy swinging with the O-man. 
Close up of little Ori. 
Far away of Navi and Ben Ben swinging. 
My ma sent me this super awesome pic of Babe and Ang wearing our dope circa 2000 sunglasses. Yeah. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Haiku Friday

Busy, beautiful
Good words to describe this week.
The jobs, the weather.

Feeling pretty good.
Buddy is still coughing some.
So are mom and dad.

But getting better.
I think this year is going 
to fly right on by. 

Thursday, February 09, 2012


 I feel bad, because I sort of just glossed over the weather in my previous post. I don't want you folks thinking that in any way, shape or form, I am getting used to this and that I have taken it for granted at all. Here's a picture of the UCLA Law School, where I work. I took this a minute ago when I went outside for a quick errand.
Here's another picture. It's unbelievable outside. Got to be in the upper 70s. I could weep.

And, here's the story from the LA Times about that stupid guy who stole a car. I can still hear the helicopters. All that drama for a car thief. Pays to live in Westwood, I think.

Good, bad, ugly


Weather, UCLA job, easy, fast commute to work today. Peeps comin over tmrw night, fam this weekend.

Had to come into campus a different way because some crazy guy who had stolen a car was jumping from roof to roof right on my route to work. Officers have their guna out, not something I want to see on my way work.

We three all still have a cough, so my house sounds like a TB ward.
Buddy slept terribly last night, so I am carrying a full set of luggage under my eyes today.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Listening to my morning show, I learned that a group calles A Million Moms is leading a boycott against JcPenney because they have chosen Ellen as their spokesperson. Makes me want to go to Penney's right now and buy a blouse.

Buddy seems a lot better today. Still a little emo, but she slept good so I slept better.

For those of you keeping track, the freeway seems to be the fastest way for me to get to work.


Sorry about the delay folks!

  1. Superbowl weekend this past weekend! I didn't really care for either of two teams, but in the end I rooted for the Giants because I hate the Patriots. And that whole NY thing.
  2. We went over to BFF's for superbowl. Three babies and one kid + 7 adults, the most delicious tri-tip I've eaten in a long long time equalled a darn good time.
  3. Buddy is a little sickie, so she didn't really eat much the whole weekend. I took her to the doctor today, and she's fine. She had a wee fever on Friday (100.8). She's doing a lot better today, but I think we all have what she had. 
  4. I started watching Breaking Bad! It's about time we got into a new show. We're only about three or four episodes in, but I can see why everyone loves it. 
  5. I'm tired, dudes. Sick buddy, sick husband, three jobs, rainy day. BLAH. 

Monday, February 06, 2012

Monday pics

 Close up of buddy, with mama's earring.
 Buddy and Queso playing nice on Superbowl Sunday.
Buddy, Queso and big cousin Ethan coloring on Superbowl Sunday. 

Friday, February 03, 2012

This week was pleasant.
HA! Pleasant. Sounds so genteel.
It really was though.

Getting my work on.
Trying to get out more, walk.
Imbibing much less.

Started a new show.
We're watching Breaking Bad now.
That show is unreal. 

Thursday, February 02, 2012


She has a mouth full of water, but you can see her cute new sneakers and lopsided pigtails!