Tuesday, January 17, 2012


  1. What a nice three day weekend! Ang came up yesterday and I took advantage of her being here to organize my closet so I can get ready to work outside of the home! I've been averaging two days a week with meetings, so that means I've been wearing those same two outfits every week and the rest of the week jeans and black tshirts. So, I now know what I have to wear to work in an office. It will start three days a week this week, then in mid-march go to five days a week. Chances are good I'll have a meeting at USC at least one of those other two days a week until then, if not both days. BTW last week was a productive and terrific work week. It feels great to meet with people and talk to them instead of just working in your house at the kitchen table. Not complaining!! Just saying. 
  2. Had some peeps over to watch the Green Bay Packer game on Sunday. Made some wings, two kinds. That sucked though. The wings were good. Aaron Rodgers apparently has been too busy making commercials to practice his sport I guess. 
  3. Friday and Saturday we did the date swap with our pals who live around the corner. Friday I went over to their place and "watched" their two babies. Which really meant sit on the comfy chair, read my book and drink a beer since their babies were snoozing soundly.
  4. Saturday, we dropped Princess Buddy at their place at 5:30 and went out to dinner at City Tavern in downtown Culver City. I'll probably yelp it later and link to the review. Beer was good, food was aight, service was hit or miss. We had a GREAT time though. After we returned home, we tried watching Hangover 2 but that movie is just not good. 

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Nancy gurl said...

You lived in NYC for a decade. It was a GIANTS game:)