Friday, January 20, 2012

Haiku Friday

Busy week, this one.
Really like my new gig, though.
Hope it continues.

My hands are freezing
As I type up this haiku.
No insulation.

Wearing two jackets.
In front of the wall heater.


Ang said...

glad you like your new job dude!

Vincent said...

Glad you like the job dude! I want to hear all about it.

BTW- Cold? Current temp in LA: 58 and the "feels like" temp 58. Current temp in NYC 30 and "feel like temp" thanks to "wind chill" is 20. Insulation or not, we got some moisturize 10 times a day and still have dry skin cold goin on round here!

I said brrr its cold in here there must be some toros in the atmosphere

Randi said...

So many jackets!