Tuesday, December 20, 2011


  1. Finished the Christmas cards - 88 sent out this year! 
  2. Purchased about five christmas gifts Sunday.
  3. Went to my pal's coookie party downtown LA on Spring and 3rd Street. It's a beautiful old building, turned into a beautiful new loft. 
  4. Traded date night with our pals, so Friday night me and Babe went out to dinner while Buddy terrorized their two children, and Saturday night I went over and watched their TV while their two babies slept. I hope to do this every month, to be sure. 
  5. I made the mistake of making toffee bars yesterday, a recipe I will share with you because it is so easy it's painful. Why a mistake? Because I work from home. I've already had two "for breakfast." 
  6. My favorite pandora station of 2011 is Spoon Radio. It's great music to get your work done. 

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