Tuesday, December 13, 2011


  1. This past weekend was pretty marvy, dude. Went down to San Diego on Saturday to watch my 8 year old niece perform in the Nutcracker. I really love the Nutcracker, we used to go every year when I was a kid because my sister was in it. It was awfully nice to be there and it was very festive.
  2. The drive down to San Diego is perfect because if we leave at noon it is about exactly an hour and forty five minutes which is just as long as Buddy's nap. So she sleeps and we cruise down and have some nice time to catch up and chat.
  3. Whilst in San Diego, we went to our favorite place on the planet, the Ballast Point Brewery eighteen steps away from where my mom and dad live. Then we went out to dinner with my sister. 
  4. Sunday, Ang came back up with us to LA and watched the buddy while Babe and I went out on a date. Two dates in two days. Wowee. 
  5. I'm working this week from home for USC. So far its kinda ouchie hard but I'm hoping to get into a rythm. I left the house for a coffee shop today so hopefully that is more inspiring and I can get more than one organization researched - like maybe two or three!

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