Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas List

Why not make a Christmas list, right?

  • One of the biggest things I miss about NYC is the prevalence of delicious seltzer. So, my number one wish list item is a Soda Stream. Then, I can make my own seltzer and drink it all the time!
  • I always like jewelry, and think Tiffany's is a great place to get it!
  • I need a new travel coffee mug because the one I use every morning was compromised. Meaning, water got inside where there isn't supposed to be water and it was all grody. So I had to throw it away. Now, I am drinking out of a cute mug with snoopy, charlie brown and a christmas tree on it, but it doesn't keep my coffee warm.
  • I always get people delicious smelling lotions and soaps for the holidays and I like those things, too. For myself I mean. Not just for other people.
  • A new set of awesome knives that cut real well. For cooking.
Probably that's a good enough list. I don't really need anything for Christmas and it feels a little disingenuous to be making a Christmas list, but it's a fun exercise.


Ang said...

i'll get you some shower gel dude.

Randi said...

I'll try to steal you a QPS travel mug if we have leftovers. Look at me and Ang. Spoiling xmas surprises.