Sunday, December 25, 2011

111 things about 2011 - can I do it?

  1. The year started off with a bang. Actually, I have very little recollection of January and what I did on New Years Eve. That has to be a first.
  2. In the spring time we went to Wisconsin to see my Grama.
  3. My last day of work at NYU was in the end of May.
  4. I saw the Statue of Liberty up close for the first time.
  5. I brewed beer with my pals for the first time.
  6. I went to the Bronx Zoo and saw the tigers and bears frolic in the snow. 
  7. We basically took a victory lap around NYC and saw everyone we loved and sights we hadnt really seen before. 
  8. We celebrated buddy's first birthday in Brooklyn with fifty or so of our closest friends.
  9. Then we moved to California.
  10. I've visited several cities in California, like San Diego, Hemet, Oxnard, Pasadena and Idylwild.
  11. I've attended two weddings this year. 
  12. One was the wedding of the century in Washington DC.
  13. I read about fifty books this year, some of them were very good and many were very bad.
  14. The funniest one was the Tina Fey book. The other funny ones  
  15. I celebrated my thirty fourth birthday. 
  16. Babe and I celebrated our fifteenth anniversary of going out. 
  17. I welcomed a new niece and nephew into my life.
  18. I got a new car!
  19. I found a neat spot to live in, in beautiful west LA.
  20. I saw two movies in the theater this year - Black Swan and the Harry Potter #7, P2.
  21. I applied to forty eight jobs.
  22. I got two.
  23. Much like 9 years ago when we took a one way trip to the east coast, we took a one way flight from NYC to San Diego. 
  24. I sat outside today on Christmas Eve and it was seventy five degrees outside.
  25. I am going to wake up at my own house on Christmas morning for the first time, ever.
  26. I met several friends new babies. And some of my pals welcomed number two into their lives!
  27. I watched the same ten episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba about nine hundred times.
  28. I befriended the 94 year old lady who lives next door. She loves the buddy.
  29. I found an amazing day care for my buddy.
  30. I got a new suit.
  31. My dry cleaner lost my suit.
  32. Then they bought me a new one.
  33. I went to a Cal game at the Rose Bowl.
  34. I drove to San Diego and back, just me and the Buddy.
  35. Also did the same with Oxnard.
  36. I made a gingerbread house.
  37. I saw the Yankees at Yankee stadium twice. 
  38. I saw them at the Angels stadium once.
  39. I saw them at Camden yards once.
  40. And I saw the poor mets play at citifield.
  41. I hosted both of the families for Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.
  42. Buddy and I colored in a coloring book together for the first time.
  43. Celebrated my first mother's day!
  44. Watched the final season of Entourage. It got a little real, too. I didn't love that.
  45. I missed my first season of True Blood. Just got too far behind, and couldn't catch up.
  46. I still haven't found the saving grace of Los Angeles television to replace my beloved NY1.
  47. We hosted several pumpkins for the autumn season, including one brought by my friend Patrick Paumberg who just moved to Germany.
  48. Took Buddy trick or treating this year and also had a whole bunch of trick or treaters here at the pad. 
  49. Went to Vegas for the first time. 
  50. Went on my first bachelor/bachelor party trip and made dope pins of the couple for everyone to wear. 
  51. I wrote a blog entry that was supposed to be 111 things about 2011, but it turned out to be only 51. 

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Randi said...

Dude, glad to hear the suit thing worked out. Cresy.