Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty eventful Wednesday.

  • I am going to do a consulting gig for USC!
  • And then I am going to work at UCLA for a temporary position while this woman goes on mat leave. This should keep me employed until August 2012.
  • After 48 applications, these two gigs are with the first two folks I met with when I moved here. So there you have it.
  • We had a little power outage here in Culver City. I was pretty super excited. We had our candles going and were just sitting around talking. I was thinking long haul for sure, as I've been living in NYC for nearly a decade and when the power goes out, it's not a power outage, but a black out, and that shit goes on for days.
  • But then the power came back on. 
  • I'm thinking of turning all the lights back off.
  • Hoping Buddy sleeps better tonight because last night? No bueno.
  • It's so windy here my gate outside keeps careening open, the lawn chairs in the backyard are somewhere down the street, and did I mention the power went out? Also, my allergies are kicking like Chuck Norris. 

1 comment:

Coodence said...

Santa Ana winds, something New Yorkers don`t experience. Hope your allergies get better.
Love, Ma