Monday, November 21, 2011


  1. What a wonderful weekend! We spent our first weekend at home, just the three of us.
  2. We played in the backyard, went to a couple of stores, watched a ton of football, hung out.
  3. Saturday, we had a spontaneous Big Game watching party with Cin, Omar and Santi. Cal lost, but the score was 28-31 so that was nearly a victory in my opinion!
  4. I narrowed down 900 pictures to 64 to send out to the Buddy Fan Club.
  5. I started planning for Thanksgiving Dinner where we'll have 8 adults, two kids and two babies over for dinner.
  6. It rained all day yesterday and that was the first good rain we've had since I moved here. It was lovely - we played inside and stayed dry. 

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