Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Numbers part II - job update

  1. I have submitted forty-six job applications so far. I put Buddy in daycare on October 1st, so that's when I really started focusing on this search. Six weeks ago. 
  2. I've had three interviews with one non profit, and they are going to let me know if the coming week or so what the status is. I really hope I get that job so I can stop looking. Also because its a good job and the people seem really nice. 
  3. On average, I've had one informational interview or meeting every two weeks.
  4. I had an in person interview a few weeks ago with a place, but they said no. 
  5. A pal of mine, early on, said, listen, I bet you will send out about fifty job applications and get 2 or 3 interviews. She was 100% right. She didn't tell me any odds on getting hired, though.
  6. I may or may not start doing some consulting work for this one organization that called me. But, they are a bunch of hippies and I'm not sure how much they are willing to pay me.
  7. I had wanted a job before Thanksgiving because I was worried that once we got into the holidays people wouldn't be hiring as much. Today is November 15th. Here's hoping, you guys!

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