Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good

  • I made banana bread this week and it is good.
  • It's in the 60s here and sunny. You heard me.
  • Lots of kettles boiling, irons in the fire, buns in the oven (wait - not for me), in terms of the job situation.
  • Buddy has a little tiny ponytail now.
The Bad

  • When buddy doesn't like what is going on - say Mama is doing the dishes, or I want her to sit in her stroller, she becomes a noodle/snake like object and makes this big noise that sounds like EEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH and it is no bueno. 
The Ugly

  • My heating bill is going to be ugly. I've had central heating for the past nine years and it has been paid for by someone else. I'm sure the costs were rolled into my rent, etc., but I still didn't get a bill. Despite it being relatively warm in So Cal, my house is made of a very fine paper and it gets down to about the 40s at night, so that means it cold in here. That bill aint gonna be pretty. 

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