Monday, October 17, 2011


  1. Last week was one for the books. I'm glad it's over and done with. 
  2. But, this weekend was beyond terrific. Babe, Buddy and I were home for the first time solo since we moved here. Is that true? Feels that way. 
  3. Ang came up on Friday to watch the buddy while I had an all day conference with 700 affordable housing folks. That evening, she stayed home to mind the buddy's sleeping habits while babe and I went out dinner. Heck yeah we did. We went to Waterloo & City just up the street. He got some pasta with lobster and I got a pizza with green chorizo and an egg on it. Both of those things were good, good, good. Plus they easily have the best beer list I've seen so far in LA.
  4. On Saturday, we hung out and took it easy, then went by the LACMA for my pal Jenny's 30-something birthday. We saw a beautiful exhibit about California from the 30s to the 50s
  5. Then, me and Babe went to Bevmo for the 5cent wine sale. Do you know about this? You get one bottle of wine and the next one is 5cents. So, we got a 30 dollar bottle of wine for 5cents. Yah. Awesome. 
  6. Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch, a park, watched football, and had two visitors! My pal Patricio who I have known for about twenty years came by with his lovely wife. Awesome. 

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