Monday, October 03, 2011


  1. Buddy and I had her first cold of her second year this past weekend. She's doing much better now and so am I. I think Babe probably has it, now.
  2. I dropped her off at daycare for her official first day today. 
  3. This past weekend, we went to Idyllwild for a wedding. Did you know that it is one mile high? It was absolutely beautiful. Babe's oldest friend, of about twenty years, got married. It was a lovely ceremony, and very small. About fifty people and the couple wed near a beautiful creek. I would like to go back to Idyllwild and stay there for a while.
  4. We drove to Hemet on Friday and that is 100 miles away and took us more than three hours to get there. It took us exactly two hours to get home from Idyllwild yesterday, which is forty minutes east of Hemet. Friday afternoon drives? No thank you. 
  5. It is so quiet here without my buddy. It could also be that my ears are still plugged up from the drive down the mountain, coupled with still being a little sick. 

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