Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Numbers - one day late!

  1. Excuse my tardiness people. Yesterday, I had to take my computer to the doctor for the first time! She wasn't charging right. So they gave her a new power cord. 
  2. This past weekend we had a mini shower for my pal who is having her second baby in two months! Wow! Lotsa second babies happening! No fear, blog readers. Not my second baby. Not for some time. 
  3. I made a reuben casserole and I will share the recipe on my 2nd blog post today. To make up for no post yesterday. 
  4. Sunday, we had the newlyweds come over for a bit and we all went to the farmers market. They are the folks whose wedding we attended about three weeks ago. 
  5. Afterwards, me and Buddy took a long nap. She slept for three hours, I slept for one
  6. Then, we went by our pal's house to watch the football game and meet their pals, all who had babies. So there were about 6 babies running around? I don't know. Anything more than three feels like six.

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cindita said...

My second baby in two months, huh? Is that even possible? ;)