Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Jane Says!

Grown up Sasha (GUS) was the winner of two free tickets to see Jane's Addiction at the Ford Theater in Hollywood!
And she took me! 
We went to this beautiful outdoor amphitheater, which was tiny, and grabbed a seat right smack in the middle and watched the show.
Jane's Addiction had three albums when I was in college, and we listened to all of them all the time. There is not a guitar riff that I am not familiar with on those albums. So, it was really fun to see it in person. For a second time! GUS (and others) and I saw Jane's at the Enid Festival in the late nineties in San Francisco. 
They played everything from Ocean Size to Three Days, to a few off their new album.
The crowd was a little bit quiet, but we had a great time! 
Here's the good friends, good music and free shows!!

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