Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Good, Bad, Ugly


  • Third interview/mtg with USC today! I hope I come out of this with a job, man! That would be great.
  • It's raining her and boy is it nice. It sure is "cute" when you have 70 degrees every day for three months then it rains. Very refreshing.
  • I am pretty glad the Yankees won yesterday. 

  • What could be bad? I guess I am starting to feel more pressure about getting a job because now I am an official drain on our resources. Before we were paying for daycare I wasn't creating a negative in the economy here at our house. Now? I am.

  • My cough, post cold. I sound like I have TB. 


Randi said...

Good luck today! Don't give your interviewer TB.

Ang said...

i hope you get the job dude!