Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A flick, a book, a show

A flick
  • I watched my annual movie! A pal at Babe's work loaned him Bridesmaids, so we took it in. (I was going to link to BFF's review of it, but I can't find it. BFF?) It was super hilarious, really gross at parts, with a little bit of romantic comedy mixed it. The main person, Kristen Wiig, is so darn funny I can't even stand it. 
A book
  • I've been reading about three or four random books a week. Like, I go to the library with the Buddy strapped to my chest and pick up five of the easiest to reach books with the prettiest covers and take them home. Many aren't very good. But, I read a really good book called Cleaning Nabakov's House about a woman who lives in upstate New York, gets a divorce and loses her kids in the custody battle, then proceeds to work on getting them back. That sounds very serious, though, and this book is far lighter than that. Her writing reminds me a little bit of my comedic hero Tina Fey in the way she refers to things, like her one pair of presentable pants which she calls "The Pants" and her ex husband who she calls the experson. Anyways, it's good. Read it. 
A show
  • Anyone else watching the new Buffy (SMG, not BFF's husband) show Ringer on that marvel of television, the CW? It's twisted, soapy, sexy, and full of images of my old place of residence NYC. So far, I like it a lot. But, I kinda just love SMG, so would probably be pretty happy watching her in whatever she was in. 

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Randi said...

"Later that night we bbq'd tri tip and had Kitty over for dinner, many beers and Bridesmaids. Have you seen that movie? Oxnard is in it. And it's hilarious."