Monday, September 12, 2011


What a weekend!

  1. Friday night, seven of us went to dinner at Pitfire Pizza. It's as kid-friendly joint near to the pad. Mike, Mike, Molly and me and three babies had pizza and beer. Yes, beer I had my first beer all week on Friday night and boy was it delicious! 
  2. Saturday, me and Babe hung around and took it easy. Listened to our California Golden Bears win their second in a row. I also got ready to go to my first award show!
  3. Saturday night, Ruby and I went to the Alma awards! It was so much fun! I got to see a lot of movie and TV stars like Antonio Banderas, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and a bunch of other Latino Hotties. There were also some awesome musical performances like Pitbull and GLORIA ESTEFAN. Not together, but still. I mean this wasn't the grammys or anything. Dang! It was dope. The awards were like three hours long but it flew by.
  4. Then, we went to the VIP after party on the top floor of this hottttt outdoor mall in Santa Monica. Ozomatli performed, there was Champagne everywhere (I only had two glasses - I was driving you know!) and we danced the night away! There were stars, and gowns, and food. Dang. It was so fun.
  5. THEN! On Sunday, me and Babe went to see the twenty-eight time world champion Yankees win against the Anaheim Angels of Anaheim. It was a nail-biter, with the Angels of Anaheim in the lead a lot of the time. We totally won though and it was so good. They had this super sad 9/11 commemoration that made me cry like a baby. Speaking of babies, Ang watched the Buddy so me and Babe could have a date to the game! 

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