Thursday, September 29, 2011

Misc. Items

  • I sure do love baseball, you guys! The Rays won against the Yankees in a nail biter and the Orioles beat the Boston Red Sox. What the hell? I was happy for the Rays, they are kinda my second favorite baseball team. Even though I guess it would be easier for the Yanks to beat the Red Sox in the playoffs, but it's the playoffs. Who wants easier? 
  • Do you know what show I love? Chopped on the Food Network. Why? I have no idea. But a bunch of chefs running around trying to make a delicious meal out of kettle corn, white fish, macaroons and fresh mint is incredibly entertaining. 
  • So far, since I moved to California from NYC three months ago, I've seen about ten friends from NYC. Here's to living in a place that people want to visit! 
  • I've read about fifteen books in the last two months. At some point, I'll provide a list and some recommendations. As for now, I can say thank you library. You make it easy to read a ton of books even though I have no money to buy them.
  • I'm excited for the buddy to start daycare, but I definitely already cried today when she and I were dancing around the house. I just love her so much. Too bad I can't look for a job and take care of a fifteen month old.
  • Yeah, she's fifteen months today. I totally dumped my plan to not call her by how many months she is. When your buddy is under two years, it's just how you roll. Truth! I speak it. 
  • Other things I'm watching on TV besides baseball: Ringer - the new Buffy show, Survivor and Yo Gabba Gabba. Ha!

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