Thursday, September 08, 2011


What a morning. First, we woke up to a major ant infestation in our kitchen. So gross. So, I called Terminex and they are coming tomorrow morning to kill all those suckers.

Then, Buddy threw my coffee all over me. Not cool, buddy.

Then, I took her to a mommy and me class which is for "walkers" but is really for "wild, running boys who are three times bigger than my baby," so we're going to go to the baby class on Tuesday.

Then, we got home and there were stupid ants all over the place so I had to hose down the house.

Then, I got buddy down for a nap and now I think I am going to either a) work on cover letters/job search or b) read a magazine. Ha!

I'll tell you about the book I read some other time.

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