Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yesterday, we went to the park to play with Cindy and Santi down in La Mirada. Cindy is an incredible photographer, so I will use her pictures to tell the story. This is Santi running down the hill, which is what he wanted to do all day long. He also wanted to go in the pond, but Cindy wouldn't let him. Geez, Cin.
Whilst there, we saw a praying mantis caught in a spiders web! And we (Cin's friend and I) hollered CINDY! Come save this praying mantis from destruction!
She did, she saved it. And let it crawl all over her for the babies to see. Buddy was a little more interested in Cin than in the bug.
But she sorta looked at the bug, too.

The End.


Randi said...

I liked that story.

cindita said...

Es que, I loved that story...thanks again for making the trek. You are officially part of the socal club when you travel 4 fwys in 45 min!