Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today, tomorrow, and yesterday

  • We're gonna run around a little bit and do errands. I might go to the Culver City Y and see if there is something for me and the buddy to do, so she doesn't get tired of just playing with me all the time. I'm actually not really worried about that because of the amount of visitors and family we've had over the past weeks, but next week is looking a little sparse, so I should probably try to get her around other peeps. Who the heck knows? I make this stuff up all the time.
  • Tomorrow Santi and his parents are coming up from LBC and Uncle Ois is coming down from the bay. We are going to play in the backyard, and eat and drink and be merry. I just love it.
  • Yesterday was our 8-year anniversary. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes! MIL and FIL watched the buddy during the day so I could go have meet with this lady from USC who knows a lot of people. And then after we put the buddy to bed, they held down the fort so we could go out to dinner.
  • Did you hear me? Babe and I went out to dinner. What I mean by that is, we went out, sat at a table, ordered food and wine, ate it and talked to each other. About the food, about the wine, about his work, about my meeting with the USC lady, about living in California, about the buddy, about the weather. Whatever. We talked to each other, outside, in the real world. I wore my new jeans and put make up on.
  • Did you hear me? I put make up on. Yeah. You heard me. And not just lipstick either. Ha!

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