Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Three things

Three things I miss about NYC
  • My pals
  • My job
  • Graziella's Italian Restaurant
Three things I don't miss about NYC
  • The humidity
  • My one bedroom apartment for the same price as my cute little, 3-bedroom, old school house
  • The sirens
Three things I love so far about LA
  • The weather
  • The produce
  • Being this close to my family
Three things about living in LA I could do without
  • The ants
  • No Hot Bird/No bar with an outdoor space that we can walk to, that they don't care if you bring babies to. (I haven't seen anyway, in my limited time here.)
  • The ants.


Ma said...

There`s no need for a space for people to go to like "Habana Outpost" , in L.A. because you all have a backyard, your own space in which you can sit and visit and imbibe in a beer or two. Just my theory.
Love, Ma

Randi said...

3 things I miss about you living in NYC:
* Egg on a roll
* Everything withing walking distance
*Having a place to crash if I go there

3 Things I love about you living in LA:
* A reason to go there often
* Having you a drive away
* The bomb food and beer at your house

Randi said...