Monday, August 08, 2011


  1. The Buddy is somewhere in her thirteenth month. I still call her a year.
  2. Today, I had my first interview in nine years. I probably interviewed about five hundred people at my last job, but haven't had to sit through one in ages.
  3. I probably got about two hours of sleep last night. Not only because I was nervous (because I was) but also because a spider took up residence in our smoke detector. Member what I told you about living in the country? Yeah.
  4. Me folks cane up last night so they could watch the buddy for my interview. Very nice to have the parental units close. They aren't they only two, either. Auntie came on Friday, the in-laws will probably be here next week or so, and Other Auntie will come up, too.
  5. Buddy walks all over the house now. Just like a couple of steps, either. She walks from room to room. Ha! She sure is funny.
  6. We have at least three guests coming up this week, and two birthday parties next weekend.
  7. Anyway, the job interview went great. I should tell you more about my weekend, but I'm too tired from my two hours of sleep. More later.

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