Monday, August 01, 2011


  1. Buddy turned a year and a month last week and I didn't even say anything. She's now thirteen months. Per our earlier discussion, however, I'm going to keep calling her a year until she's closer to a year and a half. Then, I'll switch to "almost a year a half." Thirteen months. LOL.
  2. We had BFF and her familials up from Ox on Sunday. That was very nice. We went to the Farmers Market where money just leaks from my pocket in exchange for delicious produce and home made snacks. I usually spend no less that $40 or $50 dollars.
  3. We also went to lunch/dinner at Johnnie's Pastrami just down the street from us. It's a cute, old school diner spot with outdoor seating and very nice waiters. The food was good, too! The milkshake was probably the best part. It was a five dollar milkshake, but worth every penny.
  4. On Saturday, me and Babe and the buddy hit up Chego on Overland. Clearly, Los Angeles has a lot to offer in the way of delicious food and this was an excellent introduction. We had the ooey gooey fries, the beefy t, and the kimchi platter. We stopped in right when they opened around 5:45, so we missed the crowd. When we left, there was a line out the door.
  5. I've applied for two jobs so far.
  6. Otherwise, we've been unpacking boxes, making lemonade from the lemons in my backyard, watering the lawn, doing dishes, and going to target at least once every two days.

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Randi said...

How many beers were imbibed? Pounds of meat on our sandos? LOL