Monday, August 29, 2011


What a gorgeous weekend.
  1. It was amazing this weekend. Hot, but not too hot. 80s I suppose. Shiny sun, low humidity.
  2. I was somewhat obsessed with Irene coverage, as I was thinking of all my peeps back home. I felt SO MUCH BETTER after watching NY1 online. Hearing Pat Kiernan and Kristen Shaughnessy give an update on Irene made me feel prepared and like I knew what was really going on. The NYTimes coverage was muy disappointing.
  3. As you know, we had quite a few guests upon moving into this place, and as such, we have a wide variety of artifacts from these visitors. We have one plastic "contigo" water bottle, one pair of man chonies, one pair of argyle socks, one polo shirt from Banana, one sweatshirt, one set of camping gear. I'm drinking out of the contigo water bottle, that's what made me think of it. And wearing the man chonies. Just kidding.
  4. Buddy is 14 months old today! Eat that, America! (What is wrong with me?)
  5. We did three things on Saturday: costco in the morning pre buddy's first nap, Babe's company picnic post buddy's first nap, then she slept on the way to Long Beach where we saw Cin, Omar and Santi. What a fun old Saturday!
  6. Yesterday, we did two things (mainly): farmers market in the morning with GUS, then we went to the Culver City festival where we ate an Indian taco.
  7. I also went to the coffee shop for three hours on Sunday morning, redid my resume and applied for three jobs.

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