Monday, August 22, 2011


  1. This post is brought to you by the number one.
  2. On Saturday, we went to Oxnard for Queso's first birthday party! His actual first birthday is on Wednesday.
  3. We had so much fun! We played and played. It was BFF's first fiesta in her new house and it went off without a hitch.
  4. Although I promised to continue introducing buddy as a one year old, I've had to say she is thirteen months or almost fourteen months because I've been talking with parents who have babies around the same age. I can't break the code, guys.
  5. We crashed in Oxnard and drove home on the one, in less than one hour.
  6. Yesterday felt like our first Sunday at home. We drove around a bit, went to the grocery store, watched the Yanks, Babe did stuff outside. It was awesome.
  7. I'm still waiting to hear back from that first interview I had, but have applied to a few more gigs since then. Nice! I'm not in too much of a rush because the Little Buddy and I have so much fun together it is close to impossible to put it into words.

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