Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good, bad, ugly

  • Weather, farmers markets, visits from aunties and nephews, family birthday parties, samosa house, pals.
  • Ice cream from Thrifty.
  • BBQs in the backyard.
  • Thinking about finding daycare for the buddy.
  • The buddy's total disregard for drinking milk, and still drinking formula even though that shit is expensive.
  • Dude, my heels from walking around in flip flops for ages. Sorry but it's true.

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Anonymous said...

so much to catch up on my goodness. i have a feeling i've only touched on a few highlights - are you a new mommy? buddy's adorable. and you've relocated!? are you close? hope you're loving it here. i know i am. i had no idea you were from oxnard. we go up that way to camp and scuba out of ventura harbor. much love - M