Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Numbers! (One day late)

  1. On Friday, we traveled 3,500 miles by airplane on a one-way ticket! I think the pilot had someone waiting for him in California because he flew us here in four hours and fifty minutes. If you've flown that flight a lot (and I have) then you know it can take up to six hours to get from NYC to this coast.

  2. Buddy is one year and a week!

  3. We spent the weekend with family. Saturday my in-laws made the one hour thirty minute drive from Hemet. We walked around Del Mar, had a smash burger, played at the park.

  4. Sunday we went to Lolita's with our two pals from DC. That was a dream come true! To see them and to eat Lolita's.

  5. Yesterday was the fourth of July. We celebrated our nation's birthday with a bar b que and a little family birthday party for the Buddy. Babe and I also walked over the Ballast Point brewing company a few short blocks away from my parent's house and "picked up" the beer for the BBQ.

  6. Buddy has adjusted pretty well to the time here. She woke up at five on the first day, this morning she was back to seven am.

  7. It has been absolutely beautiful here. Hot like in the 80s and zero percent humidity.

  8. Yeah. That's what I said. Wait that needs a number. No, I'm going to leave it.

  9. We took buddy swimming for the first time yesterday. HEEEEEE. She loved it!

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Randi said...

How cute that both our babies swam for the first time this weekend!