Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Good, the bad, the ugly

The Good
  • NEW NEPHEW!!! Hi little fella who I get to meet tomorrow!!!!
  • Also good? Being able to swing down to San Diego at a moments notice to meet my new nephew! No plane ride, no BS ticket to buy.
  • Also good? My freaking cute new house.
The Bad
  • Anytime you move you spend money. I mean I get it. But wow, we sure have been pooping a steady stream since we got to Cali! A car - poop. Furniture for our guest room - poop. Tipping the movers - poop. And we still haven't boughten patio furniture, a sofa bed for the guest room, or a grill! Dang!
The Ugly
  • Did you know that I moved to the country? I did not. Guess what I've seen since I got here? Like a hundred million ants, a giant black beetle trying to get into my house, and about a hundred black crows the size of my baby. Whoa LA. Who knew you were all countrytime lemonade?!


Randi said...

Patio furniture is a dream of mine as well. Le sigh.

Bethany said...

your ugly made me laugh hard. awesome.