Thursday, July 07, 2011


So far, so good.

Buddy is in love with her grandparentals and aunties and cousins. She's been sleeping way better at night, too. She also loves the pool.

We are going up to LA again today to look at places to live. We have two spots to look at today, then Saturday are going to look all day. They don't really have brokers here but they do have a "concierge service" through westsiderentals (that's what everyone uses). You pay 350 and they set up appts for you and drive you to them. That's what we're doing Sat.

We should find something and then hopefully can move in on Friday, July 15, before "carmageddon" which is July 16 and 17. They are shutting down the 405 and all hell is going to break loose. For New Yorkers, this would be the equivalent of no ACE and no 456 on the same weekend.
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