Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buddy day LA Style

So, we're back to every day being buddy day because now Babe has a job and I am looking for one!

Today I had a long list of things to do but the biggest challenge was taking the buddy to the doctor with me for a quick check up. This is something I've only done once, when she was just four weeks old. So, this morning before we left, we ate breakfast together, went for a walk to buy iced coffee and fresh tortillas from the grocery store. Then, we played on the floor for awhile. Then, she took a nap and I did the dishes and put dinner in the crock pot and made salsa. Also, I did laundry. Only halfway, though, because you'll remember my dryer doesn't come until Thursday.

Then we went to the doctor.

I had big plans to take the wet clothes to the laundromat to dry them on the way home. So, I left the doctors and made a right instead of a left, assuming I would be able to turn around easily and head home except all of a sudden I was at LAX and my little gas light was on. Ha! So, we got gas.

Then we turned around and came home, except I couldn't quite figure out exactly the way home so we got a little bit turned around and I had to look at the map on my phone.

So, I did finally go in the right direction, and we were well on our way to the laundromat. Right before we got there, though, she fell asleep.

So, we had to come home, so now she is sleeping in her crib and the wet clothes are sitting in the back of the car until she wakes up and we can take them to the laundromat.

The end.


Randi said...

LA's a tricky bitch.

Ang said...

wish i could have been there to watch sash dude. believe me i would rather play with her then be at work!