Friday, July 29, 2011

Haiku Friday

Two weeks in our house,
maybe a couple days less.
Starting to live here.

There are boxes still,
no curtains and no pics up.
But we are closer.

Buddy never helps,
doesn't open anything,
won't put stuff away.

You can take the buddy out of NY

But you can't take NY out of the buddy.

Princess in her going out outfit.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today, tomorrow and yesterday

  • I have a phone interview for a job at UCLA. I would just pee myself if I got the job, but mostly am excited about having this interview.
  • We have guests from NYC in town. It's real nice! They are playing with the buddy during said phone interview.
  • Is Friday. *Supposebly* Babe gets to leave work at noon. What a perk, I hope it's real!
  • Yesterday I learned that the "original farmers market" on 3rd and Fairfax is not a Farmers Market. Not really. It's a gigantic mall with a huge 10 story parking structure, about 1 million people and no visible fruit, vegetables, or farmers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Santiago and his folks came over last night. They brought buddy her beeday present which is all sorts of fruit to play with and cut up. So far she is enjoying throwing it around the pad.

They live in Long Beach and it took them 24 minutes to get home. Neighbors.

I love it here.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buddy day LA Style

So, we're back to every day being buddy day because now Babe has a job and I am looking for one!

Today I had a long list of things to do but the biggest challenge was taking the buddy to the doctor with me for a quick check up. This is something I've only done once, when she was just four weeks old. So, this morning before we left, we ate breakfast together, went for a walk to buy iced coffee and fresh tortillas from the grocery store. Then, we played on the floor for awhile. Then, she took a nap and I did the dishes and put dinner in the crock pot and made salsa. Also, I did laundry. Only halfway, though, because you'll remember my dryer doesn't come until Thursday.

Then we went to the doctor.

I had big plans to take the wet clothes to the laundromat to dry them on the way home. So, I left the doctors and made a right instead of a left, assuming I would be able to turn around easily and head home except all of a sudden I was at LAX and my little gas light was on. Ha! So, we got gas.

Then we turned around and came home, except I couldn't quite figure out exactly the way home so we got a little bit turned around and I had to look at the map on my phone.

So, I did finally go in the right direction, and we were well on our way to the laundromat. Right before we got there, though, she fell asleep.

So, we had to come home, so now she is sleeping in her crib and the wet clothes are sitting in the back of the car until she wakes up and we can take them to the laundromat.

The end.

Monday, July 25, 2011


  1. Today is Babe's first day of work! I pinned his name and address to his chest so if got lost someone could direct him home.
  2. My folks are here today, so I can unpack more boxes. I have probably unpacked about five so far but have also done a lot of putting clothes away.
  3. My dad planted four flower trees in our side yard.
  4. He also planted two vegetable plants, zucchini and cucumbers so now we will have a garden!
  5. I applied for my first job today. It looks like a good one, though I'm sure they already have someone lined up for it. Ha! See how I do that?
  6. Princess has been taking a nap for the last hour or so. She gets so tired! Little mama. She has a lot of playing and exploring to do. She's been sleeping for longer and longer stretches here - the other night she slept straight til six in the morning!
  7. I love my three bedroom house. I love living in California.
  8. We bought a dryer yesterday and it took about five minutes. The lady was really friendly and helpful and they are going to deliver it on Thursday. To those of you who don't live in NYC, this may mean nothing to you. For those of you who live in NYC, you feel me. First of all, no one is friendly at the store. Second of all, nothing takes five minutes. Third of all, there is absolutely no such thing as getting something large delivered anytime faster than three weeks.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Haiku Friday

In San Diego
to meet my new nephew boo.
I just cannot wait.

When we drove up here,
Princess said "grama!" with glee.
What a lil buddy!

Brought my laundry home.
Just like I am in college.
I have no dryer.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Good, the bad, the ugly

The Good
  • NEW NEPHEW!!! Hi little fella who I get to meet tomorrow!!!!
  • Also good? Being able to swing down to San Diego at a moments notice to meet my new nephew! No plane ride, no BS ticket to buy.
  • Also good? My freaking cute new house.
The Bad
  • Anytime you move you spend money. I mean I get it. But wow, we sure have been pooping a steady stream since we got to Cali! A car - poop. Furniture for our guest room - poop. Tipping the movers - poop. And we still haven't boughten patio furniture, a sofa bed for the guest room, or a grill! Dang!
The Ugly
  • Did you know that I moved to the country? I did not. Guess what I've seen since I got here? Like a hundred million ants, a giant black beetle trying to get into my house, and about a hundred black crows the size of my baby. Whoa LA. Who knew you were all countrytime lemonade?!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Numbers - one day late

  1. Buddy took her first steps yesterday! At first, she took like one and a half then stood there for a minute. Then, a few minutes later she took four steps and stayed standing! We erupted into cheers! That's been that so far, haven't seen any more steps since. Biding her time, I think.
  2. We moved into our three bedroom house yesterday! Well our stuff got moved in and now we are unpacking. My sibling is here to play with the Princess and we are powering through. I've probably unpacked about fifteen boxes so far, and it's barely noon!
  3. We spent the past weekend in Oxnard at BFF's place. Buddy and Queso really got along well, they sorta just followed each other around the place. Two babies sure are cute together.
  4. I also saw Harry Potter part seven part two. Man, was that awesome or what?! I loved it. I can't wait to watch it again. It was so good and so very sad. They really did a great job with these last two.
  5. We spent the first night in our house last night and it was the first night we got to sleep in our bed in about twenty days. What a great feeling that was!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Haiku Friday

Blogging from my phone.
I am really over it.
Miss my cute macbook.

Generous family,
Putting us up for two weeks.
It has been lovely.

We live out of bags.
My purse is a disaster.
Moving in Monday.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today, tomorow and yesterday

  • Today we went to visit the wineries in Temecula and walked around Hemet a bit. It was a nice day.


  • Tomorrow, we head back to San Diego so Babe can get a hair cut a little ahead of time before starting work and we can retrieve more of our items to take up to CC on Friday.


  • We bought a car! How do you like them apples? It's the first car I've ever bought before! It sure is pretty! It's a Subaru Outback and it drives real nice.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The Sash hydrating in Hemet.
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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good
  • California, sunshine, family, mexican food, good beer, hanging out with husband and buddy.
  • Buddy in a swimming pool.
  • Buddy in the seat in the shopping cart.

The Bad

  • Really? I got nothing. I guess Carmageddon, but also everyone seems really excited about it.
  • We're buying a car today, hopefully that is easy and nice. Otherwise, that could wind up in the bad column.

The Ugly

  • A lot of microbrew drinking and good mexican food eating has left my midde a little bit soft.

Monday, July 11, 2011


  1. Buddy is a year and some change. It's really nice that she is a year because I like saying it. I hope to stick to this year thing for a while - until she's almost a year and a half or something like that. I've heard women say their children are 22 months or something and that sounds a little ridiculous to me. Can't you say almost two?

  2. This weekend we went to a little baby shower for my sister. She is going to have her baby in about three weeks. How about that?! A new baby! I can't wait to see him or her.

  3. Babe and I went to the Green Flash Brewery just down the road a bit. It was delicious. They had about 12 beers on tap and some nice picnic benches to sit on outside. Kind of perfect.

  4. We also go to the Ballast Point Brewery about every other day. That's not a five minute walk from my parent's house.

  5. We've gone to Solana Beach twice - it's very nice there. Breezy and by the ocean. I just love it here. I feel like every time we're here we find something new and awesome to enjoy.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Thanks, Nicole!

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Haiku Friday

What a neat blue house!

We found a spot to rent, guys.

And boy is it cute.

It has three bedrooms,

a backyard and extra rooms

all over the place.

It's an old, little

house in Culver City and

I stinking love it.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


So far, so good.

Buddy is in love with her grandparentals and aunties and cousins. She's been sleeping way better at night, too. She also loves the pool.

We are going up to LA again today to look at places to live. We have two spots to look at today, then Saturday are going to look all day. They don't really have brokers here but they do have a "concierge service" through westsiderentals (that's what everyone uses). You pay 350 and they set up appts for you and drive you to them. That's what we're doing Sat.

We should find something and then hopefully can move in on Friday, July 15, before "carmageddon" which is July 16 and 17. They are shutting down the 405 and all hell is going to break loose. For New Yorkers, this would be the equivalent of no ACE and no 456 on the same weekend.
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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Numbers! (One day late)

  1. On Friday, we traveled 3,500 miles by airplane on a one-way ticket! I think the pilot had someone waiting for him in California because he flew us here in four hours and fifty minutes. If you've flown that flight a lot (and I have) then you know it can take up to six hours to get from NYC to this coast.

  2. Buddy is one year and a week!

  3. We spent the weekend with family. Saturday my in-laws made the one hour thirty minute drive from Hemet. We walked around Del Mar, had a smash burger, played at the park.

  4. Sunday we went to Lolita's with our two pals from DC. That was a dream come true! To see them and to eat Lolita's.

  5. Yesterday was the fourth of July. We celebrated our nation's birthday with a bar b que and a little family birthday party for the Buddy. Babe and I also walked over the Ballast Point brewing company a few short blocks away from my parent's house and "picked up" the beer for the BBQ.

  6. Buddy has adjusted pretty well to the time here. She woke up at five on the first day, this morning she was back to seven am.

  7. It has been absolutely beautiful here. Hot like in the 80s and zero percent humidity.

  8. Yeah. That's what I said. Wait that needs a number. No, I'm going to leave it.

  9. We took buddy swimming for the first time yesterday. HEEEEEE. She loved it!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Haiku - three nice people - Friday

Security line:
Lady pulled us to the front,
"Get that baby out!"

TSA agent:
Made way for us at the gate,
"You don't need to wait."

Guy sharing our row:
Left us for a middle seat:
"I know what it's like."