Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Rest of Our Time Here in NYC

Here's what it's looking like:

  • Today: Dentist
  • Wednesday: Statue of Liberty, Wine Wednesday at old Work
  • Thursday: Moma, finish packing
  • Friday: Breakfast with old boss, lunch with pals, hair cut
  • Saturday: Governer's Island
  • Sunday: Buddy's First Birthday Party
  • Monday: Take things here and there, drop off things that need dropping off, etc. etc.
  • Tuesday: Buddy birthday, last minute packing
  • Wednesday: Movers come, buddy's one year doctor appointment, spend the night in Manhattan
  • Thursday: Highline, babe cleans the apartment
  • Friday: Fly to California where we will live from now on.


Randi said...

Sounds action packed!

cindita said...

Wow! So exciting! Are you heading to your parents' house first?