Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Places I go

Now that I don't work (HA!) my orbit is pretty small. We go to:
  • Choice Market on Lafayette and Grand. We've been mostly eating at home but Choice has the best coffee in the neighborhood to be sure. They also have delicious pastries and egg sandwiches, too. YUM.
  • Habana Outpost on Fulton. With their child friendly atmosphere and $2.75 sixpoint sweet actions, I find myself at the Outpost at least once a week. They also have a delicious beans and rice plate that the Buddy loves!
  • The playground next door. At least three times a day.
  • The playground on Dekalb. At least a couple times a week.
  • Fort Greene park. At least once a week.
  • That ice cream shop at the General Greene.
Come join us!

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Joshua said...

Sounds like an awesome week to me! I haven't had a chance to wish you well in your big move but we've been thinking about your new family often. We wish you all the best and hope that you guys enjoy your new zip code! I always knew how awesome you guys would be as parents, it is great seeing it all come together- Josh, Daria, Lily, Lucy, and ?