Monday, June 06, 2011

Numbers, Twilight Zone Edition

  1. This feels like the first day where I don't have to work. I mean that I'm noticing that I'm not at work. My parents are here and they have taken buddy for a walk so she can take a nap. I am packing up/cleaning out the linen closet.
  2. The Buddy is eleven months and some change. My little mama is getting so grown up! It hurts me.
  3. Babe is off to California for interviews. He is somewhere over the United States right now. Hopefully he gets a great job offer! Or two!
  4. We have twenty-four days left in Brooklyn. Holy Guacamole!
  5. This past weekend, we took it super duper easy. Hung out on our pal's roofdeck (sixth floor) for many hours. Sunday we went to the playground.You know, went on the swings and stuff. Watched the Yanks kick the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to the curb.

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